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How to save $1.5m / year
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Impact of Industrial AI

Delivering great Moments of Service

AI in an industrial setting can be transformative and boundary-breaking for your business. Whether you run a manufacturing site, maintain a fleet of aircraft, or are building facilities for tomorrow’s smart cities, our leading AI technology enables you to deliver when it matters. is the backbone of IFS’s ERP, Asset Management (EAM) and Service Management (FSM and ITSM) solutions.

IFS Cloud in action

“IFS has strength in the breadth of service capabilities that incorporate AI, machine learning and IoT”

Aly Pinder , Research Vice President, Aftermarket Services Strategies, IDC
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Supercharging your Industry

Leading manufacturers across the world use to produce and distribute 200 billion packages a year sustainably.
8 out of 10 of the US's leading energy companies use to deliver power to your home.
310 million passengers a year fly safely thanks to aircraft maintained by
Over 200 million Americans connect every day using cell phone networks maintained with
2 billion people keep moving on elevators and walkways maintained and serviced with every day.
Cheer Pack North America saves $1.5m a year with
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Anticimex revolutionizes field-technician scheduling with
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